Infection Control

For your countermeasures to prevent the spread of COVID-19
infection, our infection control product provides you the solution.

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Our Infection control product automatically checks your body temperature and mask wearing, and then sprays disinfectant on your hands.
In conjunction with security gates, you can separate the entrance area into public area and infection-controlled area, which helps to ensure the zoning.

  • Body
  • Mask
  • Hands-free

The check target can be selected according the alert level.
(e.g. Body temperature only, Mask wearing and body temperature, or Body temperature and disinfection, etc.)

Infection Control Gate

The merits of Infection Control Gate

  • Strictly Controlled Zoning
    Preventing entries of people who have fever or do not wear masks creates the barrier between the public area and the infection-controlled area.
    Our infection control product provides measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to protect your health.
  • Contactless and Automated Operation
    At the entrance area, you do not have to take the temperatures of your customers, visitors or employees. Also, you do not have to tell them to stop their entries anymore.
    Our infection control gate creates unattended entrance area.
    Eliminating person-to-person contact can reduce infection risk, which makes you feel safe and removes your mental burden.

How does it work?

Step 01
Body temperature check

The system displays the measurement result and provides a voice alert when detecting high temperature.
Temperature mesurement deviation: ±0.5℃
Recognition distance: 0.3 - 0.8 m

Step 02
Mask wearing check

The system detects whether a person is wearing a mask or not,
and provides the result with a voice announcement or alert.

Step 03
Hands-free disinfection

Built-in infrared sensor of contactless dispenser detects your hands in front.
Automatic disinfectant dispenser sprays after normal temperature and mask wearing are detected.

Step 04
Security gate entry control

Flap-panel of gate does not open unless disinfectant is sprayed.
Completely contactless entry system can be created.

Measurement results

  • OK
  • High temperature
  • No mask

Package Set

There are 7 packages for infection control products.
You can select a suitable product set according to the intended use.

  • 02 / 07
    Face Recognition Terminal
    with a stand

    Download PDF

  • 03 / 07
    Infection Control Stand
    (A Disinfectant Dispenser is included)

    Download PDF

  • 04 / 07
    Infection Control Stand & SAR
    (single flap-panel)

    Download PDF

  • 05 / 07
    Infection Control Stand & SAR
    (double flap-panels)

    Download PDF

  • 06 / 07
    SAR (single flap-panel)
    with a Face Recognition Terminal

    Download PDF

  • 07 / 07
    SAR (double flap-panels)
    with a Face Recognition Terminal

    Download PDF

The specifications are subject to change without notice. The actual color may be different from one of the photo.

Integration with Kumahira Secuirty Gate

Depending on the required security level, infection control products can be integrated into
Kumahira security gates.
Please contact the service dealer for more information.


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